Welcome to MOTODEV Studio for Android 1.0

Posted by Eric Cloninger on October 02, 2009 · 2 mins read

NOTE: This blog post was originally hosted on Motorola's MOTODEV web site. That site was decommissioned in 2012. I've made every attempt to preserve blog posts and accompanying forum posts with their original content. Many web links are no longer valid, so they have been removed and replaced with emphasized text.

by Eric Cloninger (EricC)

Hello Everyone,

If you are reading this message via RSS, it probably means that you've managed to download and install MOTODEV Studio for Android 1.0. Congratulations! If you haven't yet downloaded Studio, you can get it here . We're excited to have you as a user and we welcome your ideas and input.

We plan to use this Blog and RSS feed sparingly. If there is a posting, you will probably want to pay attention to it. When we have updates to the tools, we will create new blog posts, which will alert you to their presence. If errors are found with workarounds, we'll post them here. If you keep the RSS Reader open in MOTODEV Studio, you will see these posts as they occur. Or, you can follow this blog in your favorite RSS reader, such as Google Reader, using http://feeds.feedburner.com/motodevstudioblog as a feed. When updates are announced, you can use the "Help->Update Software" menu item to pull down the updates directly into MOTODEV Studio.

If you happen to be attending the MOTODEV Summit in San Diego, please stop by our sessions (TU203 and TU205) as well as a "Meet the Experts" exchange in the Technical Lab from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM. We'd love to hear your initial impressions of MOTODEV Studio 1.0. We're also running a survey in the lab to help us understand how we can incorporate your needs into future releases.

Please direct any questions, support issues or other comments you might have at the MOTODEV Studio discussion boards. We'll get to your questions as quickly as we can.

Code on!