Eric Cloninger's Portfolio

Hydro, OK 73048

Dear Hiring Manager;

Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. If you would prefer a resume to this site, you can find a copy here, while my LinkedIn profile is here.

I am interested in a position as a Senior Product Manager, Platform Evangelist, or Developer/Tech Lead. I have more than 30 years of experience in the software industry and a history of delivering and supporting products in these roles.

For the past 15 years, I've been a Senior Product/Project Manager, focused on developer relations and mobile devices. During this time, I've been heavily involved in the Eclipse and Android open-source communities. I am a skilled communicator, having authored many technical articles and as a frequent presenter at developer conferences. These activities can be seen on the Presentations and Articles pages.

Prior to Product Management, I developed software for 18 years. I am experienced at developing desktop and device software with C, C++, and Java. I am experienced in web server management, self-hosted and in the cloud. I've contributed to several popular O'Reilly technical books on Palm OS programming and Windows.

In addition to my professional work, I held elected office from 2002-2016 as a member of the District Board of Education. I held this post through 3 elections, serving several times as President of the Board. I've worked with community leaders on "get out the vote" campaigns to raise funds for three building projects totaling fifteen million dollars.

I live 1 hour from Oklahoma City, where I've worked as a remote employee since 2001. I am able to travel for work up to 33% of the time. While I would accept an offer that requires relocation, I would also appreciate consideration for remote work.


Eric Cloninger