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Live & Virtual Presentations

Year Event Representing Topic
2015 EclipseCon Andmore Project Andmore - The Eclipse Android Tooling Project
2013 Samsung Developer Conference Samsung Gear S Primer – What you Need to Know to Get Started
  Online Tutorial Samsung Develop Samsung Gear and Android Apps with the Tizen IDE for Wearable
  Live Webinar Klocwork Secure and Robust Android Development using Static Code Analysis
2012 EclipseCon Eclipse Sequoyah Project Android 101
2011 EclipseCon Motorola Mobility Static analysis for quality mobile applications
  On-demand Webinar Motorola Mobility Improving Enterprise App Quality with MOTODEV App Validator
  O'Reilly Android Open Conference Eclipse Foundation Eclipse For Android C/C++ Developers
  O'Reilly Android Open Conference Motorola Mobility Static Analysis For Improved Application Performance And Quality
  Big Android Barbeque Motorola Mobility Speaker/Booth
  Silicon Valley Android Developers Motorola Mobility Localizing Your Android App in 10 minutes (Lightning Talk)
  MOTODEV App Summits Motorola Mobility Building Quality Into Your Apps Through Testing
(Brazil, Argentina, Mexico)
  AnDevCon I Motorola Mobility Beyond English: Make Your Android App a Global Success (Class #801)
2010 Adobe MAX Motorola Mobility Power Tools for Android App developers
  Big Android Barbeque Motorola Mobility Speaker/Booth
  Eclipse Day at Google Eclipse Sequoyah Project Eclipse Sequoyah for Android App Developers
  MOTODEV App Summits Motorola Mobility MOTODEV Studio Tools
Advanced Debugging Techniques
(Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China, USA)
  EclipseCon Eclipse Sequoyah Project Eclipse for Mobile Application Development (Panel Lead)
  EclipseCon Program Committee Eclipse TmL Project Assisted with Embedded and Mobile device sessions
2009 Chicago Android User Group Motorola Mobility MOTODEV Studio Tools, Unofficial DROID Launch
  FITC Mobile Motorola Mobility Five Easy Steps to Creating Applications with MOTODEV Studio for Android
  CELF Embedded Linux Conference Eclipse Foundation Building an Embedded Tools Standard Using Eclipse
  EclipseCon Eclipse TmL Project Convergence in Device Software
2008 LinuxWorld Eclipse TmL Project Creating an End-to-End Mobile Linux Development and Simulation Environment Using Eclipse/TmL
2007 Telelogic User Group Wind River Systems Integrating Wind River Workbench and Telelogic Rhapsody Projects
2006 FreeScale Technology Forum Wind River Systems Embedded Software Panel
2005 PalmSource Developer Conference Palm Inc. Layout, Debugging, and Design Tools topics (no information online)


Title Author Publisher Date Description
PalmPilot, The Ultimate Guide David Pogue O'Reilly Media 1st Ed., 1998 I wrote a 30 page chapter on programming the PalmPilot for the 1st edition of David Pogue's book. The chapter was removed from the second edition after O'Reilly began publishing other Palm OS programming titles.
Windows XP Hacks Preston Gralla O'Reilly Media 2004 I wrote 8 of the 100 hacks, several of which were published later in the Big Book of Windows Hacks .
Windows XP Cookbook Robbie Allen O'Reilly Media 2005 I was a technical reviewer on this book.
Didaw's Book James Howard Cloninger Self-published ( 2006 I collected 500+ pages of my grandfather's notes and drawings into a book of family history with appendices of original genealogy research.

Magazines and Periodicals

Title Periodical Date Description
Factory Floor: CodeWarrior for PalmPilot
MacTech site | Local copy
MacTech Magazine March 1998 Discussing the latest release of CodeWarrior for PalmPilot
Factory Floor: A Palm Update, Part 1
MacTech site | Local copy
MacTech Magazine September 1999 With Phil Shoemaker of Palm, talking about the latest releases of the Palm SDK and CodeWarrior for Palm OS
Factory Floor: A Palm Update, Part 2
MacTech site | Local copy
MacTech Magazine October 1999 Using CodeWarrior for Palm OS to create an internationalized application

Case Studies and White Papers

Title Customer Date Description
Sigma Cubed is Coverity Clean
Coverity, Inc August 2014 Sigma Cubed is a geo-services company in Houston, TX and a customer of Coverity. I wrote this case study from recorded interviews and content taken from a webinar using personal knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry.
Bally Delivers Better Products with Coverity
Coverity, Inc June 2014 I conducted two sets of interviews with senior managers and engineering team leaders at Bally from the US and India to get information for this case study in time for their annual conference.
Air France injects agility into software testing with Coverity
Coverity, Inc June 2014 I reworked an existing set of documents from an acquisition, with some quotes originally in French, to deliver this white paper.
Coverity Test Advisor – QA Edition
Coverity, Inc June 2014 Coverity acquired a company in May 2014 and rebranded that company's product as Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition. I created this data sheet from scratch along with several other pieces of collateral and a video showing how to install the tools.

Open Source

Project Sub-Project Role Details
Eclipse Andmore Project Co-lead
Andmore is an Eclipse Foundation project to enable development of Android applications using the Eclipse IDE. This is a fork of the Google ADT plugins, the former MOTODEV plugins, and plugins created by the project members.
  Eclipse for Mobile Developers Creator/Maintainer
Eclipse for Mobile Developers was a pre-packaged set of tools for mobile developers. The package was the starting point for Android developers before Google began creating their own full Eclipse distribution.
  Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead
Sequoyah was an Eclipse project to create a platform- and language-neutral set of development tools for mobile devices. Sequoyah pulled in several other projects under one project leadership and release process. Sequoyah had some success with Android development, but little adoption elsewhere. As of 2014, Seqouyah is inactive and is in the process of being archived at the Eclipse Foundation.
  EclipseCon Program Committee Mobile and Embedded
(2010, 2012)
Served on the Embedded and Mobile Sub-committee in 2010. Chaired the sub-committee in 2012.
  Eclipse TmL Project Lead
TmL was an Eclipse project to create a toolset for Mobile Linux. Motorola sponsored the project and appointed me as the project lead. The project was a participant in the first Eclipse Working Group called Pulsar. When Motorola adopted Android as a phone platform, some of the TmL project assets were deprecated. Other assets were moved into a new project named Sequoyah
Android (AOSP) Tools Contibutor I8af2e598 - Initial contribution of Motorola MOTODEV tools code
  Tools Contributor I5e85c027 - Scripted build files for MOTODEV tools